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2019 Liberty ES PTA Fall Fundraiser Obstacle Fun Run

Dear Liberty Families, 

This year we are hosting a Ninja Obstacle fun run on November 12 as our fundraiser. Along with our Book Fairs and Cake Auction, this is our only currently planned fundraiser.   

Liberty PTA is excited to be hosting this event.  Your support helps the PTA continue to provide our school assemblies, pay for bus transportation on field trips, fun activities like STEM night, Dr. Seuss & Friends night, trunk -n- treat, and the Color Run plus much more! 

The obstacle course will include slanted steps, a hay wall, and commando crawl.  There will be a minimum of 6 obstacles and the course will be tweaked so that all grade levels will have a blast!

Name this Event Contest! 
We are in need of an event name! Each class will work together to create a name for our fundraiser.
Final Submissions are due Friday November 1.

The winning name will be featured on the event’s t-shirt and sweatshirt 

We are using the website Mighty Cause to fundraise.
To get started with Mighty Cause go to:

Download the Offline Donation form. Offline donations must be turned in by Monday, November 11

Getting Started with MightyCause

Grade 3 - 9:05
Grade 5 - 9:45
Grade 4 - 10:15
Grade 2 - 12:25
Grade 1 - 1:05
Grade K - 2:00

Every student will get 1 run through the course 

If your student raises:
$50, they will get a 2 runs through and a special event t-shirt
$100, they will get 3 runs through
$150, they will get 4 runs through plus a special event sweatshirt
$200 or more, they will get 5 runs through
The Grade who raises the most money will get [something special TBA]

If each student can raise at least $30, you will be helping the PTA meet its goals of providing enrichment and fun to Liberty Elementary.

Donations are considered tax-deductible 
Thank you so much for your support of the Liberty PTA!
Tech Committee,
Oct 21, 2019, 5:19 AM
Tech Committee,
Oct 21, 2019, 5:19 AM